How can I calculate weight of aluminum circle per pcs?

2020-05-19 16:32:45
When you purchase aluminum circle by weight, how to check whether you have received circle plates of the given weight? The directest and simplest solution, of course, is using a scale. Large scales help to check the total weight, and small scales the unit weight of a single piece. This sounds perfect, but how do you know you get aluminum circle plates of your desired size as well as weight? In other words, your specification for the plates are stable, how do you know whether the weight matches the specification? If you get a theoretic weight of a plate, you can just weight it and check the error. It is a simple formula in math. Suppose the diameter of a circle plate is D1, its thickness T and its density D2, then the weight of the aluminum round sheet should be (D1/2)2*3.14*D2. Here 3.14 refers to pi (circular constant), which can be much preciser if you’d like. D2 is changeable, because the density of different alloys of circle aluminum plates differ from each other as well. Another solution is to draw the plate of a given specification with a software system like PROE and make the system give you the weight after its calculation.

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