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Aluminum Colored Sheet

Aluminum Colored Sheet Description



PE coating aluminum volumes of products is the use of polyester coating by the precision of the baking process from the processing. Color and beautiful, diverse colors, easy selection, color, impact resistance, easy processing, the performance has reached or exceeded national standards. Products are widely used in interior decoration, ceilings, roof tiles, wall panels, advertising signs, counters, home appliances, furniture, body cruise and other interior and exterior decoration.


PVDF (Fluorocarbon) coating aluminum volume series using Akzo Nobel PPG, Li Bangbeg industrial and Valspar Lili and many other companies through the professional coating roll baking processing. PVDF fluorocarbon coating Polyvinylidene fluoride resin as the main raw material, the largest fluorine atoms of the negative electronegativity to form a very strong bond to a high degree of fluorocarbon bond, coupled with a unique symmetric molecular structure, so that our products have excellent weather resistance, Excellent UV resistance, long lasting corrosion resistance, in the normal outdoor environment, more than 20 years to maintain a good color and luster; the same time because of its wear-resistant impact resistance and high toughness, so that our products have 7 excellent Machining performance. PVDF (fluorocarbon) color aluminum is the first choice for high-grade decorative building materials, its processed products are widely used in airport high-speed rail, subway, sports center, convention center administrative center, star hotels and other city landmark building curtain wall and interior decoration.


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